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34007 Stainless Steel Fish hooks
34007 Stainless steel O'Shaugnessy hooks (Not Mustad)

PRICE: $0.20

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About 60% of US Anglers practice catch and release.
Women make up about 33% of fresh water anglers and
about 85% of fresh water anglers begin fishing at 12 years old.


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Mustad 7732 Stainless Steel Sea Demon

Mustad 7732 Stainless Steel Sea Demon
Mustad Stainless Steel Sea Demon Big Game Fishing Hooks for Marlin Tunas Dorado Swordfish ?????

PRICE: $1.89

Dorado Mahi-Mahi Fiberglass Fish Mount

Dorado Mahi-Mahi Fiberglass Fish Mount
Dorado Mahi-Mahi Fiberglass Fish Mount measuring 50 inches in length beautiful nautical art decor

PRICE: $210.00

6 inch inch Replacement Skirts Vinyl Squids 2 ea

6 inch inch Replacement Skirts Vinyl Squids 2 ea
Vinyl Squid skirts always need changing during the hot bite make sure you are ready!

PRICE: $2.75

fishing wanted
 Jan 20, 2003; 04:46PM
 Category:  Looking for
 Name for Contacts:  Jonathan L. Seagul
 State:  Durban
 Country:  South Africa
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fishing photo contest
w i n n e rw i n n e r
Jun 2003 Best Photo
$50 worth of free fishing tackle for the photo with the most votes by June 30, 2003
Max Quintana 40lbs White Sea Bass
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Max Quintana, 27
We started out the day fishing for calcos and I metered big fish at...
129 vote(s)

fishing tips and tricks
 Aug 12, 2003; 10:50AM - Jiggin' It
 Category:  Freshwater Bass Fishing Tips
 Author Name:  Steven Narup
 Author E-mail:
Tip&Trick Description 1: Jigs come in all sorts of shapes, colors, sizes, and even skirt materials. There are a bunch of different ways to fish them as well. However, to be able to catch them when the fishing is tough, you have to be very versatile. In this article, I will go through different ways of fishing jigs and I will begin to get you acquainted with this wonderful lure called a jig, in this little guide called “Jiggin’ It”.

Let me first give you a little bit of “background” about jigs. Jigs come made with many different kinds of materials. Just to name a few hair, tinsel and silicone. However, in this guide we will mostly be talking about silicone jigs. Silicone jigs are much easier too fish. Being that when they get wet, they become waterproof making them easier to slide through thick vegetation. To help aid the jig going through the thick milfoil some people use scent.

Jigs come in many different shapes and size, they even come with different shaped heads for different types of applications. They come made with a flipping, swimming, and even a stand-up type head. They also come in an array of different weight heads.

Jigs even come in countless colors and even different shades. It is best that when you first start out fishing a jig you should stick to basic colors. Some of the basic jig colors would include brown and orange, moss green and even black and blue.

When selecting a jig by its size you want to use as less weight as possible. Using less weight will give the jig a more realistic action and presentation. You also need less weight because bass will normally hit the jig when it is on the fall, and using less weight will help the jig fall slower. While we are talking about fall rate lets talk a little about jig trailers. Plastic trailers work great for cooler water, when the fish are more active. Jigs with pork are a deadly combination when the water temperature drops below 60. When you pick a trailer, you should keep in mind to match the trailer color to the color of the jigs skirt.

Now lets get into how to fish a jig. There are many different ways to fish them. One of the more popular ways to fish them is to do a hop and swim type retrieve. When you do this, you should make a long cast and then let the jig rest on the bottom for a few seconds, and then slowly lift your rod tip and let the jig fall back to the bottom. Then after a few hops you swim the jig a few feet, then begin to hop the jig again. This hop and swim method has produced greatly for many people all throughout the country.

Another way to fish a jig is to just hop the jig on the bottom or even drag it. However, one of the deadliest ways to fish a jig is to swim it close to the bottom or above a weed line. A seven-foot heavy action rod will give the jig enough action to entice big bass, be sure to pick a rod with a soft tip and enough backbone to horse the big boys out of the thick stuff.

The last technique I am going to cover is flipping and pitching. To do this you should flip the jig into weed pockets or into shoreline cover. When you do this, a good choice is a seven and a half foot heavy action rod and thirty-five pound monofilament. The heavy action rod will be stout enough to pull a five pound bass out the roughest spots you can flip your jig into.

This is just a little guide on how to fish a jig. If you experiment with different ways to fish them and you find out which technique the bass wants, you will have a killer day out on the water!

fishing boats and accessories
 May 19, 2005; 07:10PM - Special Overstock Pro Bass Boat Covers
 Category:  Boats
 Price:  varies
 Name for Contacts:  Terry's Outdoors
 Phone:  417-300-6605
 City:  Nixa
 State:  Missouri
 Country:  USA
Click here to enlarge Description 1: I have a great buy on a Pro17, Pro18, Pro19, and Pro20 overstock me for details

fishing reports
 Jun 21, 2008; 08:40PM - Best Week in a While…
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: Endless Season Update 06/18/2008
REPORT #1119 'Below the Border' Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
Windy conditions subsided by the weekend and the inshore fishing was as good as it gets for small roosters, jacks, pargo and a few cabrilla. Offshore action continued to be somewhat spotty until Wednesday when schools of tuna were found outside the lighthouse. Wednesday was the first time this year that I saw dorado only a few hundred yards off the rocks at Punta Colorada. One did bite a marabou deceiver but fell off. In the meantime, Jamie Pierre, Seattle, WA landed the largest rooster of his long fishing career.

Beach action consisted of a mixed bag with mostly small roosters, jacks, pompano and a few ladyfish.

I was on the beach early Thursday morning in the gray light at Rincon and hung a nice jack in the high teens on my third cast of the morning. The roosters continued to feed while I landed him!

All in all, one of the best weeks of fishing this year.

Tip: When fishing close to shore in the rocks, try a small pink and white Clouser slow retrieved for good pargo action.
Water temperature 73-87
Air temperature 74-95
Humidity 28%
Wind: SW 11 knots
Conditions: Mostly Cloudy
Visibility 11 miles
Sunrise 6:32 a.m. MDT
Sunset 8:08 p.m. MDT

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

Bob Hoyt reported a good tuna bite outside the Boca along with some yellowtail out toward San Lazzero. Several boats also spotted a couple of marlin---cold water notwithstanding.

The esteros continued to produce good catches of grouper and cabrilla. The locals are limiting out on corvina from the recently completed dock.

Water temperature 60 - 66
Air temperature 72 -90
Humidity 70 %
Wind: S 12 knots
Conditions: Sunny
Visibility 10 miles
Sunrise 6:37 a.m. MDT
Sunset 8:19 p.m. MDT

Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The blue water is only about a mile off the beach, the seas are calm, and conditions are overall perfect. But, fishing has been only average. This could be attributed to the full moon cycle, with the action expected to heat up in the next couple of weeks.
The average is still about 1 - 3 sailfish a day per boat, and the 15 boat fleet is getting about 3 blue marlin a day. The water is warming up however, and the blues are moving out to about the 30 mile mark.
Cindy Belmonte of Simi Valley, CA fished with Captain Margarito releasing 3 sailfish and taking a small dorado.
The inshore action for roosters is excellent all up and down the coast.
Ed Kunze
Water temperature 80 - 84
Air temperature 79-100
Humidity 55%
Wind: WSW 9 mi
Conditions: Mostly Cloudy
Visibility 9 miles
Sunrise 7:12 a.m. CDT
Sunset 8:23 p.m. CDT

Cabo San Lucas

BILLFISH: The marlin bite at the beginning of the week was not bad but as soon as the cold water started to wrap around the Cape the fish moved up into the sea of Cortez. The ones that stayed around here stopped biting. At the end of the week you were lucky to get a chance to throw bait at a fish.
YELLOWFIN TUNA: There were no fish at the beginning of the week but at the end of the week there were some football fish found on the Pacific side around the San Jaime Banks. Boats that were brave enough to challenge the 10 mile weather were able to get a decent catch of Yellowfin in the 10-15 pound class just to the south of the San Jaime. Best lures were cedar plugs and small dark colored feathers. The fish were associated with spotted porpoise.
DORADO There were some dorado found at the end of the week in the warmer water south of the San Jaime Bank in the same area where the yellowfin were found. They were decent fish in the 20-35 pound class and most bit on the same lures as the yellowfin.
INSHORE: This was the type of fishing to do this week as the sierra bite turned on. The inshore bite on the sierra and on small yellowtail was almost wide open. Almost all of this bite took place on the Cortez side of the Cape, but for those boats willing to challenge the currents and waves on the Pacific side, there was a decent bite on Snapper up at the El Arco area as well.
George & Mary Landrum

Water temperature 67 - 75
Air temperature 71 - 99
Humidity 31%
Wind: SW 9 to 12 knots
Conditions: Mostly Sunny
Visibility 13 miles
Sunrise 6:35 a.m. MST
Sunset 8:07 p.m. MST

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