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34007 Stainless Steel Fish hooks

34007 Stainless Steel Fish hooks
34007 Stainless steel O'Shaugnessy hooks (Not Mustad)

PRICE: $0.20

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About 60% of US Anglers practice catch and release.
Women make up about 33% of fresh water anglers and
about 85% of fresh water anglers begin fishing at 12 years old.


fishing store

Mustad 3551 treble hooks freshwater

Mustad 3551 treble hooks freshwater
Mustad 3551 treble hooks freshwater

PRICE: $3.00

Blue Marlin  Fish Replica 8 Feet OAL

Blue Marlin Fish Replica 8 Feet OAL
8 foot blue marlin fish replica Makira Nigricans the most sought after of the billfish family

PRICE: $800.00

Mustad 7732 Stainless Steel Sea Demon

Mustad 7732 Stainless Steel Sea Demon
Mustad Stainless Steel Sea Demon Big Game Fishing Hooks for Marlin Tunas Dorado Swordfish ?????

PRICE: $1.89

fishing wanted
 May 11, 2007; 12:07PM
 Category:  Fishing Tackle For Sale
 Name for Contacts:  Niall Kendall
 Phone:  07985411922
 Description:  if you want vintage fishing lures for pennys! which i know you will, email me at and i will send you all you need for them! many thanks!

fishing photo contest
w i n n e r w i n n e r

Rusty Wright approx 5lbs Largemouth Bass
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Rusty Wright, 4
It was going to be the last spot of the day, Rusty had picked out t...
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fishing tips and tricks
 Aug 27, 2003; 04:52PM - 'Crankbait Tactics For Huge Prespawn Bass' by Steve vonBrandt
 Category:  Freshwater Bass Fishing Tips
 Author Name:  Steve vonBrandt/S&K Guide Service
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Tip&Trick Description 1: Crankbait Tactics for Huge Prespawn Bass
By Steve VonBrandt
One of the most effective ways to catch huge prespawn bass in lakes and rivers are Lipless crankbaits. These baits are especially effective when the water temperature is between 49 and 58 degrees, especially in stained or muddy water in lakes and ponds, but it also works in the rivers also. Some of the techniques outlined below will help you catch bigger bass all over the country in the early spring starting in march, and peaking in April.


There are are variety of lipless crankbaits on the market that catch bass, but in the spring, in most lakes and ponds, in the Northeast, the Rat-L-Trap by bill Lewis Lures, the Rattlin' Rapala, and the Viva Vibe, are some of the best. All lipless crankbaits have a different sound. Some are much louder than others, and will produce when some other quieter baits won't. At other times, the quitter rattling baits will produce more. You just have to experiment with several baits until you find the ones that are producing best in the particular body of water you're fishing in. Sometimes the same baits, in the same size, by the same company, make slightly different sounds, that can be better than the other, Experimentation is the only way to find which bait works the best. Some baits won't run as true at different speeds, and they turn sideways a little more than others, so you just have to watch them in the water, and find the best ones. The hooks should always be changed to a premium hook system such as Gamakatsu or Owner or Eagle Claw Premium. There are many other great hooks, but I prefer these. Most of your lipless crankbaits should be used in a 1/4 to 1/2 ounce size, but recently, bigger bass in the Northeast and in Florida have hit the bigger Slat Water Traps in the 3/4 to 1 ounce sizes.


The best colors for the spring, especially if you have a lot of Crawfish in the lake, are red, red/orange, and brownish/orange. Some have spots on them and these are very effective. The standard Chrome, and Chrome with a blue back, and Chrome and Red, have worked especially well for the larger bass. If the water is extremely stained to muddy, we forund that the red, and the chartruese/brown combinations work well in this kind of situation also. If you have a lot of bluegill in the area, and less crawfish or shad, then the blugill/Suncracker patterns work very well. The primary forage in the lakes are the best patterns, unless you know that many anglers are aware of this, and are using these colors also. Then switching to unconventional patterns can fool some of the wary bigger bass.


Most people just cast the baits out and reel them straight in. While this will always catch some bass, there are more specialized methods that trigger strikes from the bigger bass. Cast the Rat-L-Traps out, and depending on the depth of the water, count them down to the level of the fish before starting the retrieve, and if it is a sandy and/or gravel/rocky type of bottom, let them sink to the bottom, then slowly raise the tip of the rod till you feel the lure vibrating, reeling the slack up a little slowly, then lower the rod tip, and do it again. Many times they will hit as it is on the bottom, and first starts to be lifted up. If these techniques don't work in a few hours, use a slight pumping action of the rod as you reel, keeping contact with the bait. If it hits a rock, weeds, or other structure, hesitate a second, and then rip it off quickly, and reel it in with a steady retrieve. You can also yo-yo the bait similar to a spoon or spinnerbait in deeper water near points and drop-offs, which can be extremely effective in colder water or on inactive fish that are suspended. Most of the time in water below 58 degrees they hit very mushy, like grass or leaves, or even like a stick is on it, but most of the time it is a bass. As they get close to the boat they will see you and make a dash for the trolling motor, and down to deeper water, sometimes even breaking the surface to throw the lure. They bass have to played very carefully as lipless crankbaits come out of the bass's mouth much more easily than you might imagine. Most of the bass will be in the shallower water off the flats, near deeper water, rip-raps, if available, or any place where there is baitfish and or cover near the North shore or bay, close to food sources, near where they are going to spawn.


I like to use sinning gear for the smaller 1/4 ounce baits, and I use baitcast gear for the larger 3/4 to 1 1/2 ounce baits. I usually use a 7 foot spinning rod in med action so as not to pull the bait from their mouths, usually a S- Glass rod, or a G.Loomis Cranking Rod. In the baitcasters, I use a 7 foot, med to Med/Heavy rod, with a high speed reel, but many people prefer a good reel in a 5:0:1 or 5:3:1 gear ration. I always use Spiderline super mono in 10-12 pound test, but 8 pound test is preferred by many. Stren is a also a good line for this. Fan cast the baits in as many directions as possible in the prime areas such as the mouths of the back bays with creeks, where grasses and riprap, are on a harder bottom, and you will start picking up some of these monsters this spring. A good scent on the baits, such a Yum in Crawfish scent, can't hurt either.

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fishing boats and accessories
 Oct 2, 2003; 01:20AM - 1989 Four Winns striper boat
 Category:  Boats
 Price:  8,000
 Name for Contacts:  Bill Conner
 Phone:  270-343-4829
 City:  Jamestown
 State:  Kentucky
 Country:  U.S.
Description 1: This craft has a 175 Johnson fuel injected motor with power tilt and trim and only 175 hours on it,oil injected,85 Gal. fuel tank,Custom 2 wheel trailer,Bimini top,Detachable plastic cabin,4 blade ss prop,Bait well,Fish finder,Stereo,3 Batteries,and more!!!

fishing reports
 Jan 2, 2004; 02:00PM - An East Cape Chill, a Blistering Guatemala, Others In-Between
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:


Fri., Jan. 02, 2004. Report covers the period Sat.-Thurs. (12/25 - 1/1)



IN GENERAL: North winds continued to hamper fishing most of the week. On the days that the wind did back off it was still tough.


Water temperature 67°-73°
Air temperature 67° - 73°
Humidity about 83%
Wind NW at 12 mph
Conditions Mostly Cloudy
Visibility 12 miles
Sunrise 6:57 a.m. MST
Sunset 5:40 p.m. MST

Jan. 7 Full, Jan. 14 Last Quarter, Jan. 21 New, Jan. 28 First Quarter

o OFFSHORE: The few boats venturing out have scored on a few dorado up toward Punta Pescadero. By mid-morning most are scurrying back for their respective hotels. Cold margaritas and a swim seem like a much wiser decision.

o INSHORE: If you like sierra, you should be here, just remember the wire!

o BEACH: Gray light is a must. Sierra usually shut off as the sun climbs higher.

BILLFISH – Always a few homeguard, you just have to find them.

YELLOWFIN TUNA – Seemed like they would never stop biting, but they have.

DORADO – Punta Pescadero shark buoys rumored to have a few lurking about.

ROOSTERFISH – Find the sardinia and you should find a few small ones.

JACK CREVALLE – Lighthouse to La Ribera is the right neighborhood.

BARRILETE OR MEXICAN SKIPJACK – A few bonito and that is about it.

PARGO AND CABRILLA – Who knows? Try a popper over the rock structure dotting East Cape beaches.

SIERRA - Gray light just at dawn is best before the sun gets too high.


IN GENERAL: Peter Chan and Susan Rosen, vacationing from New York on a last minute whim, decided to give the esteros a shot and they were not disappointed. They found plenty of corvina, pompano and grouper to put a bend in their flyrods the past few days. They are back out this morning trying get tight with an illusive snook.

Water Temperature 66°-74°
Air Temperature 69°- 77°
Humidity 59%
Wind NNE 4 mph
Conditions Scattered Clouds.
Visibility 3 miles
Sunrise 7:11 a.m. MST
Sunset 5:49 p.m. MST

Jan. 7 Full, Jan. 14 Last Quarter, Jan. 21 New, Jan. 28 First Quarter

YELLOWTAIL – Plenty at the entrada under the bird schools, pretty selective this week.
Try a slow-retrieved chartreuse Baja Deep Diver.

CORVINA – No shortage here

SNOOK – A challenge, but worth the effort.

HALIBUT – Sandy beach and a slow retrieved Clouser will work every time.

SIERRA – No takers this week . . . that’s anglers, not fish.


IN GENERAL: The 80º blue water is only a couple of miles off the beach and the sailfish fishing has been outstanding. We are in our absolute busiest time of the year, with almost 40 boats a day chartered. Most boats are releasing 4 to 7 sailfish a day, and are raising 10 to 15 in the spread.

Dan Smith, a fly-fisherman and Alaska salmon guide on a “busman’s holiday,” has averaged 4 releases a day on sailfish. He had one fantastic day of 6 releases.

Inshore, the large jacks are still on the beaches, with a lot of sierra about a quarter of a mile out. The roosterfish action has cooled down a little bit, but this may be from lots of fishing pressure and not from the fact they are not here.

Water Temperature 79º-86º
Air Temperature 73° - 89º
Humidity 83%
Wind Calm
Conditions Mostly Cloudy (BKN) : 25,000 ft
Visibility 8 miles
Sunrise 7:16 a.m. CST
Sunset 6:22 p.m. CST

Jan. 7 Full, Jan. 14 Last Quarter, Jan. 21 New, Jan. 28 First Quarter

Baja on the Fly’s Zihuatanejo report by Ed Kunze


IN GENERAL: During the week of Christmas, as can be expected, there was not a flood of activity. On Dec. 26-28, there were 4 boats out and they experienced some great action. The boats were able to average 16 releases out of 24 shots on sailfish, with the high boat for the week having a day where they released 31 of 45. We also had one boat go out for a half day of inshore fishing where they left the dock at 1:45 in the afternoon and returned a little after 5:30 in the evening and they were able to connect with 5 roosterfish out of 8 shots. Mr. and Mrs. Threeton were thrilled, since they were able to fly in from the U.S., head from the airport to the boat, and turn a travel day into a half-day of fishing filled with great action.

Water Temperature 80º-85º
Air Temperature 80°-84º
Humidity 100%
Wind North at 5 mph
Conditions Clear
Visibility 8 miles
Sunrise 6:27 a.m. CST
Sunset 5:47 p.m. CST

Jan. 7 Full, Jan. 14 Last Quarter, Jan. 21 New, Jan. 28 First Quarter

Baja on the Fly's Guatemala report by Brian Barragy and Lissa M. McFarlin.

And from all of us – a very Happy, Healthy and Fishy New Year!


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