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Casting Lures  |  Freshwater Casting
The Item is Temporarily out of Stock!
Yo-zuri Slavko Bug casting trolling lure
Yo zuri Slavko Bug Trolling Casting lure also known as the Oh Bug drives the fish to strike!
These little 3.5 gram casting or trolling lure from Yo zuri called the Slavko Bug is available in 2 styles. One trolling casting lure and one a casting popper lure. Also called the OH Bug and very popular with anglers in the know. I have used these personally and will let you in on a little secret. These little lures really get bit well. Trolling or casting lure with rattle inside and winged for life like appeal to the many species of fish that will attack them. I have caught perch bass and trout with these Slavko bugs and recommend them to any angler fishing any lake stream or light tackle saltwater. Also known as the "Oh Bug," Yo-Zuri's Slavko Bug is one of the most unique baits on the market today. This is one bait that has both fisherman and fish in a frenzy. Shallow Diving Version Real feathers mimic a bugs wings Super strong treble hooks Tight Wobbling Action
Available Options
Bumble Bee V110 3 grams
Bumble Bee V110 7 grams
Green Honey B173 3 grams
Green Honey B173 7 grams
Orange white F209-T-170
Orange white F209-T-170

COMMENTS ABOUT Yo-zuri Slavko Bug casting trolling lure
Feb 11, 2004wobzoI was introduced to these lures by a friend in Australia over 4 years ago. They surprised me with there ability to attract and catch fish. I actually had trouble purchasing these in the U.S. but finally got hold of them. I have never had a no catch day since. I just wish more retailers would carry them but they say they don't know what they are. Well their loss! I just wish I could get hold of some deep diving bugs.
Jan 06, 2004Jobe - MalaysiaQuite by luck, I tried these on salty light tackle and landed a grouper amongst the rocks near my home, leaving the livebait fisherman here stumped as nobody ever uses lures here. It has since been proven invaluable on countless occasions where most of my other lures are scoring 0. It is so sad that it has discontinued as all i have is the small batch i managed to order from a local dealer(which took him 4 months to find). I have had to go swimming many a times just to save these little buggers from their rocky snares!...praying that yo-zuri would consider reintroducing these fellars back into the market...
Jul 30, 2003MN fishing manThe yo zuri looks goofy but really catches fish bass, northern pike, and other pan fish. The other night I caught an 8 lb bowfin fish. My only concern is that I will lose my only lure as it is discontinued and hard to find.

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