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39960D 26/0 Tiger Tamer Hi carbon Steel non offset

39960D 26/0 Tiger Tamer Hi carbon Steel non offset
Lucky Joes Hi Carbon Steel duratin coated inline non offset 39960D 26/0 Big Game Circle hooks

PRICE: $6.99

Fish Facts Vote which one you feel is true.
Goldfish can't close their eyes without eyelids. ? 
1 Puffer Fish has enough poison to kill 30 people ? 
A koi fish named 'Hanako' lived for 225 years. ? 
Fish can drown in water. ? 
Fish can see 70 times further in air than in water ? 
Fish in polluted lakes lose their sense of smell. ? 
Many fish can change sex during their lifespan. ? 
The goliath tigerfish can eat small crocodiles. ? 
There is a Jellyfish that could be immortal. ? 
There's a shark in Greenland that eats polar bears ? 

Around 10% of the world's total fish species can be found just within the Great Barrier Reef.
In three decades, the world's oceans will contain more discarded plastic
than fish when measured by weight, researchers say.
The toxin in puffer fish is 1200 times deadlier than cyanide.
Strange fish facts
Many Fish can taste without even opening their mouths.
Fish Facts
Most brands of lipstick contain fish scales
Did you know?
American Lobsters have longer life spans than both cats and dogs, living over 20 years.
God Bless The Troops
We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. - George Orwell
Jason Wallis Photography
Corporate Headshots Magazine covers Fashion Advertising Campaigns Model Portfolio's and Headshots Family Portraits Weddings
Did you know that
About 60% of US Anglers practice catch and release.
Women make up about 33% of fresh water anglers and
about 85% of fresh water anglers begin fishing at 12 years old.


fishing store

39960 DT 26/0 Tiger Tamer Hi carbon in line

39960 DT 26/0 Tiger Tamer Hi carbon in line
26/0 Hi Carbon big game circle fish hook ideal for shark tuna marlin swordfish catfish and huge hali

PRICE: $6.99

Lucky Joes Size 20/0 Pier Gaff Grapling Hook

Lucky Joes Size 20/0 Pier Gaff Grapling Hook
Lucky Joes size 20/0 Weighted Pier Gaff for piers bridges and wharf fishermen everywhere!

PRICE: $104.99

Lucky Joes large J hooks Stainless Steel

Lucky Joes large J hooks Stainless Steel
Lucky Joes 7731S stainless steel very big fish hooks for the big ones.

PRICE: $1.81

fishing wanted
 Feb 23, 2018; 07:00AM
 Category:  Guide Services
 Name for Contacts:  Quepos Fishing Charters
 Phone:  1-800-388-9957
 City:  Quepos
 Country:  Costa Rica
 Description:  Quepos Fishing Charters is located
in the Quepos, Costa Rica and we
offer Full Day and 3/4 Day trips.
We’re ready to give you the fishing
experience of a lifetime!

fishing photo contest
w i n n e r w i n n e r

Ahmed Arif
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Ahmed Arif, 36
Caught this Indo Pacific Sailfin, on a popper and fought for about ...
57 vote(s)

fishing tips and tricks
 Aug 5, 2003; 11:53AM - Muddy Water Baits
 Category:  Freshwater Bass Fishing Tips
 Author Name:  Steve vonBrandt/S&K Guide Service
 Author E-mail:
Tip&Trick Description 1: Muddy Water Baits
By Steve VonBrandt
Nothing ruins the occasional fishing trip more than driving a long distance to your favorite spot, only to find out it’s been raining for the last few weeks and the water is the color of Chocolate milk! Many years ago, I was like most weekend anglers, and would immediately try to find another lake or river that might be a little more clear, or just turn around and go home. But I found over the last 20 years, that it isn’t necessary to give up so quickly on muddy water.

There are many times when a creek arm, or a certain portion of the lake or river isn’t as muddy, or there is a transition zone where it goes from muddy to stained, which can be a good area, but, even if there is no clearer water, there are many things you can do. Most gamefish react the same way to muddy water, they go shallow and they move closer to structure. This could mean a lot of different types of structure, such as brushpiles, laydowns, rocks, stump fields, pads on shallow flats, anything! When the bas are holding tight to cover, because of low visibility, the lure presentations sometimes need to be precise, such as when flipping a log or tree roots with a jig. Bellow are the 6 basic choices you should have rigged for fishing muddy waters.

Plastic Worms: I know this sounds like a strange choice, but a lot of times when bass are holding real tight to cover, a larger, bulkier worm, with some rattle inserted, possibly with a paddle tail, worked real close in the cover, can work well. I used a black or a black/red combination in muddy water. I also use the new Big 7 inch Senko that is out now, and drop it right into heavier cover. I have been using the new Cut-Tail worm for this also.

Vibrating Rattlers: These baits such as the Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap, Cotton Bordell, Diamond Shad, or the Rattlin’ Rapalas, are excellent choices for probing different depths of muddy water, and where muddy changes to stained. The noise and vibrations of these baits, along with a realistic shad shape, make these great baits and stained to muddy water.

Crankbaits: I use a lot of the real fat bodied crankbaits in muddy water. I choose different baits with a wide wobble, and sometimes rattles. I usually stay with darker colors with red in muddy water. These colors with a wide wobble, are easier for bass to find.

Spinnerbaits: The bass will be using their lateral line more in the muddy water, so a spinnerbait with a heavy pulse such as a Terminator night bait, with a black skirt, and Colorado blade, is a perfect choice. You could even add rattles to this bait, which I have had success with in the muddy rivers and lakes in the Northeast. I always use a single Colorado blade on the spinner baits in muddy water, but in stained, or warmer stained water, I do go to an Oklahoma Blade sometimes with good results.

Topwaters: These are my favorite baits to use in muddy water. There are so many baits that shallow, muddy water bass will hit! The buzzbait worked slowly around cover will draw tremendous strikes. The walking type baits, such as a Zara Spook, and Fenwick walking baits, Jitterbugs, Crazy Crawlers, and a variety of other topwaters, including poppers with rattles, are excellent and exciting choices for muddy water bass. The bass will all be in water that is 1-4 feet deep, eliminating a lot of the water, making them easier to catch!

Jigs: Jigs in Brown/Black or Blue/Black with a Zoom or uncle Josh trailer, with some rattles, are an excellent choice to flip into laydowns, and shallow stump fields, and of course on docks. Make repeated casts to give them a good look and provoke them.

If you stick with these baits and methods the next time you run into muddy water, you will never be afraid to see it again. It will become a friend, as it has become to me.

fishing boats and accessories
 May 13, 2019; 08:07PM - OCEAN-TAMER Marine Grade Bean Bags
 Category:  Boats
 Price:  $79.95 - $139.95
 Name for Contacts:  Frank Abruzzino
 Phone:  (941) 776-1133
 City:  Palmetto
 State:  Florda
 Country:  usa
Click here to enlarge Description 1: Are you tired of the pounding
<>and fatigue on your body
<>caused by a rough boat ride?
<>Do you hate slowing down and
<>getting bounced around in
<>rough sea conditions? Now
<>with an OCEAN-TAMER Marine
<>Grade Bean Bag you can enjoy
<>a more relaxing and
<>comfortable ride and spend
<>more time on the water. Every
<>OCEAN-TAMER product is 100%
<>marine grade and built to
<>last right here in the USA.
<>These marine bean bags have
<>been tournament tested and
<>approved by professional
<>offshore fishermen all over
<>the country. With our vast
<>color selection, styles, and
<>sizes you are sure to find
<>the right marine bean bags to
<>fit your boating and fishing
<>needs. Come visit our user
<>friendly website and
<>customize yours today.

fishing reports
 Sep 19, 2011; 12:10PM - Cabo Bite Report
 Category:  Mexico Cabo San Lucas
 Author Name:  George Landrum
 Author E-mail:
Captain George Landrum
Cabo Fish Report
Sept. 12-18, 2011

WEATHER: As summer slowly winds down we are seeing a slight lowering of our temperatures as well, not a lot, but a little bit. Instead of seeing 86 degrees in the early morning we are now seeing it around 81-82 degrees and the daytime highs are a bit lower as well. Not that it feels all that low since the humidity is still a bit high, but we can tell the difference. We had a bit of cloud cover this past week but no rain and the winds were light for the most part.
WATER: It appears that there is not a lot of change from the last report with the exception of the last two days. Prior to Friday we still had that cool water along the shore on the Pacific side with a warm band across the San Jaime and the Golden Gate Banks with the water dropping several degrees once you went to the west a bit farther. The Sea of Cortez remained a very steady 87 degrees almost everywhere. The change we experienced, while small, has affected the fishing a little bit. The water to our immediate south and to the east has dropped to between 80 and 84 degrees. It's hard to tell with any certainty, mainly because of the cloud cover and not a lot of boats going there, if there is a strong break somewhere. The effect it has had on the fishing is to spread out the areas where we have been finding Striped Marlin and Yellowfin. Now instead of just on the Pacific side there is more area to cover.
BAIT: Caballito, Mullet and Sardines were the live bait available with the bigger baits at the usual $3 each and the Sardinas at $25 a scoop up in the Palmilla area.
BILLFISH: The Striped Marlin have been finicky feeders this week with about one in four boats getting shots, and about half of them hooking up long enough to get a release. As in most fishing it was a matter of being in the right place at the right time with the right stuff. Sound familiar? This week the right place expanded as the water to the south and east cooled off a bit. While it had an effect on the Striped Marlin it did not change the Blue and Black Marlin bite at all, they still enjoy water that temperature. There were about half the number of Blue Marlin caught as there were Striped Marlin but they were larger in size with an average of just around 230 pounds. There were a few that were estimated at over 300 pounds but I don't know if there were any of the larger ones landed. Black Marlin are still showing up in the usual areas such as the Gorda Banks and Punta Gorda and they have been averaging 250 pounds, mostly caught on live bait.
YELLOWFIN TUNA: This was an off week for most of the anglers looking for Yellowfin Tuna, but there were a few boats that managed to find the right porpoise schools and get into the fish. I did not hear of any reel big ones, but there were nice fish to 120 pounds caught. Of course most of them were smaller and an average of 5 or 6 fish of 30 pounds were caught by boats that got into the fish. Toss in a couple of 40-60 pound class fish and the fishing suddenly became OK, if you were in them! Directly to the south at 28 miles, just to the inside and the outside of the San Jaime Bank and just to the north of the Golden Gate Bank were areas where the most consistent action took place. Once again the boats that used kites to fly baits had better success on the larger fish.
DORADO: The Dorado were a bit shy this week as well but I am not sure of the reason. Where we had been seeing plenty of Dorado caught inshore on the Pacific side, they suddenly quit biting, perhaps they moved farther offshore or up to the north. Whatever the reason, most boats working that area were able to catch a few in the 12-18 pound class, and there were a few larger ones caught farther offshore. There were very few reported from the Cortez side of the Cape in our area.
WAHOO: The full moon did the job and there were Wahoo reported this week! One of our clients caught on that was 62 inches long, as well as a very nice Dorado, and were happy to take home some of those wonderful fillets! There were others caught as well, and in the standard areas you find Wahoo, on the high spots and along the drop-offs.
INSHORE: There was some decent Roosterfish action this week on fish averaging 20 pounds and a few larger fish to 50 pounds. I had one angler report to me that he hooked a “Bubba” that he thought would have been over 80 pounds but lost the fish after 15 minutes. Snapper and grouper have been active as well with some decent grouper hitting the decks and a scattering of dog-tooth snapper joining them. Toss in some Dorado and Bonito and the action for anglers working inshore was steady, if not wide open.

FISH RECIPE: My recipe has been taking too much space so if you want to see it, check out my wordpress blog a little later in the week, or subscribe to the blog and you will receive an email as soon as I post it. This week I actually will be posting one since we finally got some Tuna to take home, a very nice piece from the 169 pound fish!
NOTES: This report is done early so we can get in our Sunday morning beach trip with the dog, get home for breakfast and then downtown to watch the early game. Go Seahawks (hope our new quarterback does better this week or he has to go). This weeks report was written to the music of Darius Rucker on a compilation disc given to me by a client. Thanks Steve!
Until next week, tight lines!
I will be posting more to my blog now, please go to and subscribe, you will be sent a notice every time I post a new article. Please feel free to send suggestions or if you have any ideas for articles. Thanks George

Gordo Banks Pangas
San Jose del Cabo

September 18, 2011

Now at the midpoint of the month of September, the Eastern Pacific remains calm, no
tropical storm forming at this time. Ocean temperatures are ranging from 80 degrees
off of the Pacific Banks up to 88 degrees in the direction of Los Frailes. With the
officially end of summer one week off, there is now a feeling of fall during the
early morning hours, though days have continued to be warm and humid.

Sportfishing fleet are now spread out over the offshore fishing grounds, with the
majority of the more consistent action being found in the direction of the Gordo
Banks and north from there. San Jose del Cabo anglers relied on sardinas as the main
bait source, as well as the plentiful skipjack on the fishing grounds. Other bait
options included limited supplies chihuil, moonfish and caballito.

The Gordo Banks has come alive with larger sized yellowfin tuna, these fish are
hitting exclusively on bait, with chunks of fresh skipjack being the best bet in
recent days. Fish in the 100 to 200 pound or larger class have been hooked daily, no
huge numbers, but definitely quality. Charter crews are chumming heavily with cut
skipjack and sardinas to get the tuna up in a feeding mood. Cow sized yellowfin tuna
were seen coming right to the surface feeding and anglers were taking strikes on
lines as heavy as 100 lb. Slow trolling with larger live baits also resulted in hook
ups. Many stories of extended battles with larger fish were told, at least several
yellowfin over 200 pounds were reportedly landed, with other big fish lost.

There were yellowfin tuna spread through the area, over the recent full moon phase
these fish were not as cooperative, but with persistence anglers did account for
some impressive catches. There were reports of good dorado action found out of La
Paz, but in the Los Cabos area dorado counts have been low, with mostly smaller size
do do’s encountered, only an occasional larger bulls being reported, no particular

Options have been somewhat limited, no inshore action at this time, all offshore on
the structure, main target species being the yellowfin tuna, a mix of bottom
species, but no consistency for dogtooth, amberjack or grouper, only a few missed
wahoo strikes reported and billfishing is hit or miss, no numbers, but a chance at
hooking into a big black or blue, one 532 lb. black marlin was weighed in recent
days out of La Playita, the black hit on a live skipjack midway between the Inner
and Outer Gordo Banks.

La Plaita locals have been spending time fishing off the panga docks and have
accounted for a handful of snook, weighing up to 40 pounds, drift fishing with live
moonfish, also some nice roosterfish hooked in the same area, only area locally
where roosters are seen feeding, the higher tides have produced more bait fish
activity in the marina channel.
The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita/Puerto Los Cabos Marina sent
out approximately 59 charters for this past week, with anglers accounting for a fish
count of: 2 black marlin, 6 sailfish, 25 dorado, 97 yellowfin tuna, 22 bonito, 4
rainbow runner, 15 cabrilla, 7 dogtooth snapper, 26 pargo, 1 yellowtail and 7

Good Fishing, Eric

Eric Brictson
800 4081199
Los Cabos 1421147

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