7 Oct 2003 - El Jefe Sportfishing Los Suenos Costa Rica
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 Author Name:  Steve
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Click here to enlarge Report Description: I had the honor of fishing on the El Jefe out of Los Suenos Costa Rica a 38 foot Out Island dayrunner with a top notch crew and the owner of the boat and operation along with his daughter this past weekend. Although 2 days of fishing was hardly enough I managed to catch one billfish each day I went out. We only fished about 6 hours each day as time was an issue with my trip but the time spent was phenomenal and productive. The captain of the boat Victor Julio Lopez is one of the top 5 billfish captains in the world as written in Marlin magazine and is for certain one of the best captains I have ever fished with to date. His tactics enabled me to catch a 130 lb sailfish and a 250 lb black marlin on 20 lb test almost making the task easy. I was amazed at the quality of the crew Daniel Arrieta was the first mate and the owner of the boat was very helpful to me in my excitement. Dr. Decarol Williamson set the patterns for the teaser/ballyhoo combinations in the trolling spread. Once a fish had been raised which we only managed to raise 2 fish on the trip he without panic dropped baits back to both fish. I could see that Dr. Williamson was a very professional angler in his actions setting up the fish on 20 lb test and Penn 20 International reels. The equipment onboard his operation is top notch and I tried to sneak in a photo of his rigging techniques on the ballyhoo but some things are secret and best kept that way. Unfortunately this is not the peak season for fishing in Costa Rica but none the less I had sore arms on the plane ride home. If you ever get a chance to go to Costa Rica make it a point to stay no less than one week. The scenery will amaze you the people are very friendly and the food is out of this world. El Jefe Sportfishing is just getting underway in Costa Rica and only waiting for the season to get started and will become the best package available once they get into full swing. For more information on pricing etc. feel free to send an email to eljefesportfishing@2catchfish.com I will help you where I can or forward any questions you may have regarding this outstanding operation. I hope to return to Costa Rica soon with a friend and spend some real time there to explore this country a bit more. Thanks Dr. Williamson for a great time hope to see you soon..........Steve