24 Nov 2019 - GORDO BANKS PANGAS San Jose del Cabo
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November 17, 2019

Anglers –

Large crowds of anglers continue to
arrive, as the peak fall season will be
winding down in a couple of weeks.
Weather patterns have been abnormally
unpredictable, with winds out of the
north increasing, creating choppy
seas. Presently we are following
development and forecast for Tropical
Storm Raymond, which is expected to
bring significant rainfall to Southern
Baja, strong winds and has forced Port
Closure for at least Sunday, most
likely Monday as well. Also the annual
local Wahoo tournament was canceled
and rescheduled for Dec. 15. Looks as
though by Monday mid-day this rare
late season topical system will pass to
the north and dissipate rapidly.
Water temperature averaging 80 degree
through much of the region.

Sportfishing fleets are covering all
directions, most local fleets are now
working the grounds from the Gordo
Banks to Vinorama. Bait vendors are
selling caballito, limited sardinas,
ballyhoo and slabs of squid, on the
Pacific there are schools of mackerel,
the next month is when these
baitfish start to move towards the sea
of Cortez. Most common target
species now have been yellowfin tuna,
wahoo, dorado and billfish, more
marlin action now towards Cabo San

The yellowfin tuna action had vanished
off of the areas north of Gordo,
especially near San Luis Bank. This
week there were once again a quality
grade of tuna to over 100 lb, was found
on local grounds, including one 240
lb. cow Friday afternoon, no big
numbers, but everyday a handful are
brought in, with many others being
lost. Bite was sporadic, some fish
hooked early, then dead action for
hours, but maybe later they go on
another bite. Most all of these
yellowfin were striking on strips of
lots of chum needed to keep making
continued drifts. Some charters had as
many as three or four tuna, most felt
lucky to have one. Also some smaller
football sized tuna found with sardinas
or hoochies, scattered bite though.

This week we saw more dorado than
previously, though more dorado were
found towards Cabo San Lucas and the
Pacific, where we heard of some bulls
to 30 lb., the dorado off of San Jose
del Cabo have been mainly under ten
pounds. Wahoo action continued to be
more consistent near Vinorama, though
this bite slowed during passing of
recent full moon, fish still being
but more finicky, best chances have
been on slow trolled baits, such as
caballito, skipjack or chihuil. A few
fish also striking on Rapalas, but
not as many lure strikes as we
traditionally would expect. In recent
charters were doing well to land a
wahoo or two, the fish brought in were
weighing up to 45 lb. An occasional
striped marlin or sailfish were hooked
on these same grounds as where the
wahoo, tuna, dorado were encountered.

With the windier conditions and
combined currents, not a whole lot of
bottom action going on, mainly
triggerfish, we did see more of the
showing, a few red snapper and an odd
leopard grouper or barred pargo.

*T*he combined sportfishing fleet
launching out of the panga area from
Puerto Los Cabos Marina sent out an
estimated 134 charters for the week and
anglers reported an approximate fish
count of: 1 blue marlin, 4 striped
marlin, 28 dorado, 44 yellowfin tuna,
45 wahoo, 10 yellow snapper, 5 barred
pargo, 4 leopard grouper, 3 amberjack,
48 Mexican bonito, 8 yellow snapper,
6 sierra, 12 roosterfish, 2 surgeon
fish, 8 golden eyed tilefish and 35

Good Fishing, Eric

Eric Brictson / Operator
619 488-1859
Los Cabos (624) 142-1147