23 Dec 2002 - Cabo Fishing Report
 Category:  Mexico Cabo San Lucas
 Author Name:  George Landrum
 Author E-mail:  gmlandrum@hotmail.com
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WEATHER: Sunny skies at the beginning of the week turned into overcast starting Friday
afternoon but with no rain here in Cabo. You could see it coming down in the mountains though.
We have maintained the same temperatures as last week with the morning lows in the 60 area and
daytime highs up to 90 at times. We did have some pretty windy days, Tuesday and Wednesday,
but the winds tapered off when the clouds started to move in. (Silver Bells)

WATER: The water on the Pacific side was choppy almost all week and on Tuesday and
Wednesday it was downright rough. More than a few boats came in early because of that. The
water on the Sea of Cortez side has been much better but the fishing there has not been as good
for some reason. Our surface temperatures have been in the 75-76 region this week, warming up
just a bit from what we saw last week This temperature has extended out to 40+ miles in all
directions except south, and there it warms up a degree at a distance of around 20 miles. (Joy To
The World)

BAIT: Mostly Mackerel this week with reports of some Sardinas. Larger baits at the normal $2
each and Sardinas reported at $25 a scoop. (O Little Town Of Bethlehem)


BILLFISH: The full moon and Striped Marlin fishing do not go together well here in Cabo so the
catch rate was down this week. A few boats were finding one or two Striped Marlin that were
hungry but most of the fleets were lucky to see a Marlin. The Blues are gone (but there will
always be one that doesn’t realize the water is too cold!) but there have been a few Sailfish still
around. The Marlin and Sailfish that have been caught have mostly been fooled with slow trolled
live bait and very few have been caught on lures or found tailing. (Hark! The Herald Angels Sing)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Scattered football 5-15 pound fish in the blind on the Pacific side through
Thursday then that dropped off. No reports this week of anything much larger than 25 pounds
nor were there any reported found with porpoise. The Pacific football size fish bit on cedar plugs
and dark colored feathers and a few anglers told me they had luck on them by dropping iron after
hooking up on the troll. (Winter Wonderland)

DORADO: Most of the Dorado found this week were fish in the 12-25 pound class. A few were
caught up to 50 pounds and most of the fish were found either under floating debris (the larger
fish) or in the blind close to shore. Live bait worked wonders on the larger fish and most of the
smaller ones were hooked on lures pulled for Striped Marlin or Tuna. Most boats were finding
two to five fish to put in the box. (Jingle Bells)

WAHOO: The Wahoo flags I saw this week were flown for inshore Sierra. That’s it folks!
(Silent Night)

INSHORE: Some nice Roosterfish and reports of a scattered Yellowtail or two. There had been
steady action on the smaller Dorado as well as the Bonita and Skipjack but all that pretty much
disappeared as of Wednesday and the appearance of the green water caused by the winds. The
rest of the week the Pangas worked a bit further offshore looking for Dorado, but not with a lot
of luck, at least from the anglers reports I received. (Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas)

NOTES: This has not been an outstanding week for fishing , but at least the weather has been
warmer than up north! people are always asking me when is the best time to come to Cabo to fish
for certain species. All I can do is tell them generalities based on past catch records, there is no
way to predict how the fishing is going to be. What it comes down to is this; “You will NOT
catch a fish if you are sitting on the beach sipping a cervesa!”. No guarantees of fish, enjoy
being on the water and keep your fingers crossed, remember that the worst day of fishing is better
than the best day in an office!. This weeks report was written to the Christmas music from the
CD “Merry Christmas From Alaska”, a CD produced in 1999 to help raise funds to benefit the
Children’s Hospital in Providence, Alaska. Produced by Nightworks Records and in our hands
thanks to our good friends and clients Tim and Jill Lawrence! “Felize Navidad” from George,
Mary, Juan and Manuel!